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Azgard 100% Whey Protein 2.3kg + Thermo Burner Solar Flare

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We all know, that weight training causes damage to muscle fibres. While it is repaired, we build stronger fibres to avoid damage in the future. The proteins are the building blocks in this process. For weight training, the recommended protein intake is 2 g per bodyweight kg. This is 200 g of protein for an athlete who weighs 100 kg. Without the proper amount of protein, you cannot build muscle. Getting enough protein from traditional meals is a challenge for lot of athletes. Azgard Whey can be the optimal solution to increase your protein intake. Whey protein has the highest biological value among proteins. It is an easy to digest, complete protein, which means it contains all the essential amino acids. Use 1 scoop of Azgard Whey immediately after training to provide high quality proteins to maximize muscle growth.

-why 100% Azgard Whey is special prodcut:

-73% of CFM whey protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass and maintenance of normal bones with digestive enzymes for you stomach comfort with sweetener.

-Our Instant CFM  Whey protein  “Cross-Flow Microfiltration” manufacturing process is one of the very best forms of protein.


  • If you regularly do sport activities
  • If you want to increase your muscle mass
  • If you want to lose some weight
  • To maintain  muscle mass.


  • 35g 1 serving ( Sachet )
  • 908g 26 servings (doy bags )
  • 2270g 65 servings ( pet jar )


CONTENTPer 100 gPer portion (35 g)*RI%/ 35 g
Energy1638 kJ/573 kJ/6.8%

387 kcal135 kcal
Fat5.3 g1.9 g2.7%
of which saturates3.3 g1.2 g5.8%
Carbohydrate11.8 g4.1 g1.6%
of which sugars**10 g3.6 g4%
Protein73 g26 g51%
Salt1.5 g0.52 g8.7%
Digestive enzyme complex
bromelain14 mg5 mg
papain14 mg5 mg
*RI: Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).
**Contains sugars only from milk-based ingredient

Thermo Fat Burner Solare flare is an excellent combination of bioactive substances, which cooperation results increase the share of fat in energy metabolism. Using this supplement you will speed up reduction of unwanted fat tissue.
Product characteristics:

speeds up fat reduction,
helps to get closer to your goals by improvement of achievements,
improves fatty acids metabolism efficiency by sharing fat as energy source,
absorbs well.

The most important ingredients:

unsaturated fatty acids,.

L-CARNITINE, L-TYROSINE, CITRUS AURANTIUM EXTRACT, GREEN TEA EXTRACTS, AND MORE PLANT EXTRACTS, Chromium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and to normal macronutrient metabolism

Azgard Nutrition Thermo Fat Burner Is Designed To Be The Most Extreme Thermogenic Formula On The Market.

Everyone can Reach his Fitness.

If You’re Really Motivated And Committed To Adopting A New Lifestyle That Leads You To Your Goals, You Must Adopt A Healthier Diet And Practice Exercise, While Also Counting On This Precious Ally To Achieve Your Desired Results Here’s Your Formula For A Ultra-Fit Life

 Musclelabs Has Taken The Standard Of Thermogenics To The Next Level  Created For Those Who Are Already Trying To Achieve A New Fitness Condition. You Will Find The Most Powerful Compounds In A Perfect Ratio, Acting Synergistically, In A Single Formula. You Might Get To The Next Level Sooner Than You Think!

Extreme Thermogenic Effect
Synergistic Action
Strong Ingredients
Helps you to reach to Your Fitness Goals

Take a serving 1portion   1 scoop 12 gm dissolve in 300ml water