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Vita Xtrong Cheater Blocker

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-Blocks The Absorption Of Excess Calories From Fats and carbohydrate -BLOCK UP to 720 Calories per Meal -FEEL FULL Eat Less -STIMULANT Free

-You want to lose fat. But you LOVE your favorite foods and it’s not fun to give them up completely. Well now you don’t have to.With Cheater Blocker you can block up to 720 fattening calories per meal! Taken once a day before a high calorie meal, Cheater Blocker lets you cheat on your diet and enjoy your favorite foods while you continue to lose weight!

-GO AHEAD ENJOY YOUR CARBS When you eat starchy carbs like breads and pastas, your body uses a digestive enzyme called alphaamylase to break them down into sugars. Those sugars are then absorbed and excess amounts are stored as fat. This is where Cheater Blocker begins to help. Cheater Blocker contains a key ingredient clinically proven to neutralize alphaamylase, block carbohydrate absorption, and reduce body fat!

-CLINICALLY PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, people taking Cheater Blocker’s key ingredient lost an average of 6.45 pounds in 30-days! And the placebo group? They lost, on average, less than 1 pound.In addition, the same people using Cheater Blocker’s key ingredient also lost an average of 10% body fat, reduced the circumference of their hips, thighs, and waist, and reduced overall fat mass while still maintaining their lean body mass.

-BLOCK FAT DON'T GAIN IT Cheater Blocker contains a second key ingredient that is also proven to block the absorption of excess calories. But this body-sculpting ingredient doesn’t block carbs. It blocks fats, and prevents your body from absorbing excessive amounts of fat that may be stored on your tummy,hips, thighs and buttocks.

-FEEL FULL EAT LESS Cheater Blocker will also help you feel full so you eat less when taken 30-minutes before a meal. You can use it every day to help control your appetite. Or you can use it before a having a big meal at your favorite restaurant, when ordering pizza to your home, or snacking late at night.

-STIMULANT-FREE FAT LOSS Cheater Blocker is 100% stimulant-free. No shakes. No jitters. No caffeine and no energy crashes. You can use Cheater Blocker any time - day or night